The Advantages of Ecommerce Websites for your Business

Ecommerce or electronic commerce has grown in popularity with time. Generally this process is termed as the buying and selling of products over the internet. An e-commerce website acts as a catalogue for the products and services offered by a business. This way of business transaction is gaining importance as it is highly reliable, accurate,
speed in procedure and it limits the time wastage to a great extent.

The Advantages of Ecommerce Websites for your Business The Advantages of Ecommerce Websites for your Business

If you are one of those businesses whose main purpose and function is selling products, then the fastest way to gain your customers’ trust by proving that your products are genuine is by establishing your company as an e-commerce company. Only when you gain the customer’s trust will you be able to start selling anything.

How do you establish your company in the e-commerce industry?

The competition in the e-commerce industry is stiff and intense. Everyday new online stores are being launched and they are all running on one aim; to be the best among the rest. The popularity of an e-commerce website is determined by the traffic they receive on the site, as more traffic basically means more customers.

Despite the market competitions, with the proper guidance and directions even a small, upcoming company can easily succeed itself in the e-commerce industry. The first and the most important thing is the way you launch your website. Depending on how the site appears visually, your company will be judged and you never know when the theme you chose for your site may be the reason why you lost potential customers.

Online shopping stores are a shopper’s haven, as these sites give them all the options that a general walk-in store provides. Online stores not only save a shopper’s time but they also arrange the products in orderly manners to avoid cluster and make it easier for their customers to spot. Now you don’t have to walk through one aisle to another at your local store to find the product on your list.

Hiring the right designer for your site

There are thousands of web developers and designers but, when you hire an agency to help you build your site check that they are sure of meeting your requirements. Hiring website developing companies that are specialized in e-commerce will be an added advantage for you. Ecommerce Website Design Vancouver is one such site designing company that provides features beneficial for your online store. Some of the features they provide your website are; catalog management, product browsing option for your customers, catalog browsing, order management, checkout, Shipping and Payment options.

The Pitfalls of Ecommerce Web-Design

When it comes to the best ecommerce web-design, there is a world of things to take into account. Here are the ones that spring to mind.


Don’t look cheap. If the site doesn’t look effortlessly professional, then forget about it. You’re asking people to make an online transaction. The customer needs to trust you with their credit card details. Everything from the font to the layout and images should be clean and slick. If you rely heavily on images then make sure they’re of good quality and appropriate resolution.

The Pitfalls of Ecommerce Web Design The Pitfalls of Ecommerce Web Design


What do you offer? What makes you unique? What makes your service different from everybody else’s service? You need to be able to articulate your value-proposition in the most concise possible way. All great concepts depend on instant recognition of premise. If confusion is the enemy, the arch-enemy is apathy. Make people understand. And then make people care.


Make sure your site is straightforward to navigate. Make sure it’s easy to locate the basket or move to the checkout. There should be logic to every page and pop-up. The best E-commerce web design is intuitive to use. The more the user has to think about it, the less faith they’re going have in you. So make sure you do heaps and heaps of testing!

Similar Companies

Check out the competition. Unless your idea is very, very novel, it’s likely that other people have failed or succeeded at what you’re trying to do. The monuments or wreckage of their endeavors will be strewn across the Internet. It’s amazing how many people set up websites without properly engaging with the ones already out there. Analyze what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Then make sure that your value proposition is sufficiently different from theirs. The best ecommerce web-design takes what already works and creates new constellations.


Avoid too much clutter. Keep things simple. Concentrate on doing one thing well. Don’t smother the user with technical information about your services. There is nothing so daunting as paragraphs and paragraphs of specs and explanations, most of it repetitive junk. Get to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit and also the soul of marketing.


The best ecommerce web design avoids disruption. Don’t put too many walls between the user and the purchase. Some businesses like to make the user sign up to an account before they can make a transaction. The thinking behind this is that it’s a way of getting their email address etc. But before you go down this route, think about the kind of business you’re in. In some cases users will find it disruptive to be asked to create an account. Figure out how they’ll react. Use social media. Allow people to sign up to accounts using their Facebook or Twitter IDs. But make this an option, not an obligation. Don’t force people into situations they don’t want to be in. Never, never make them angry.

The Leap into Ecommerce

A changing landscape

Creating an ecommerce enterprise costs money. Maybe you are creating a stand-alone business or expanding your brick-and-mortar presence. In today’s landscape the cost is completely necessary. The investment is necessary, not only to expand your business but to protect your business. Because the life-blood of retail is now digital. The high-street may be the place where you’re seeing the returns right now but the Internet is where you need to secure your flanks.

The Leap into Ecommerce The Leap into Ecommerce

We are a society of consumers and when the methods by which we consume change, society itself changes. When we no longer queue up at a checkout in a physical department store, our relationship to the product we buy changes. The old forms of expectations and the old tolerances vanish to be replaced by new expectations and new tolerances.  The convenience store is no longer convenient.

Decisions, decisions

So how much is it going to cost to set up an ecommerce business? Like most products, there is always an attractive solution just outside your price range. So whether your budget is $6,000 or $60,000 the important thing is to choose your range and stick to it. The question to ask is what do you want to achieve with your site? Seed investors today are interested in big figures. The traffic which investors hope to see from a site in the first year keeps growing and growing. That initial injection of capital is all important.

Design for Living

Customers are and have always been fickle. But in the age of mobile internet, this trend has extrapolated to absurd degrees. Empowered (choice-wise) and limited (time-wise) by the sheer range of possibilities, customers have short attention spans and a low tolerance rates for hassle. Entranced with the on-the-move nature of mobile, they want service as swiftly and as smoothly as possible.

Functionality is vital and now means functionality across multiple formats. Experts are no longer talking about the move towards mobile. It has already happened. It is an accepted part of our daily lives. National and regional borders have become archaic notions, like fortresses waiting to be outmaneuvered.  Businesses which never considered global expansion in the past are now charging into the unknown in the realization that the whole world is minutely accessible.

The team that suit you

A good ecommerce development team will be able to tailor an outcome that suits you. They will take you through searchability, guided discovery, ongoing content marketing, responsive interface… these are the choices that need to me made. They will determine the cost of your venture and the scale of its success.

A serious ecommerce website needs to be built from the ground up. There is little point working off tired templates. If you are hoping to the set the world on fire with a unique value proposition, this needs to be reflected in a site which is timely and unique.

Optimally you should be looking at your site design as an ongoing venture. Your website is not an end in itself. It is a platform for converting sales or driving traffic. How you manage the content on that site, keeping it sharp and up to date, is vital. When factoring the cost of your website you shouldn’t neglect the importance of SEO services. A reputable ecommerce team should be able to layout an SEO strategy, incorporate the best features into your site and even manage content.

Get affordable ecommerce web design for your site

At Nirvana Canada, our ecommerce team provides the complete package. We support our website design with a comprehensive range of e-marketing services, from search engine optimization to social media marketing to keyword analysis and competitor tracking. We understand that developing a website solution is more than an IT service. It is about giving voice to a brand. It is about capturing the desires of a new avid era of consumers.

Tips for Unavailable Products on your Ecommerce Site

Most ecommerce site owners are puzzled with the products that are no longer available on the site. What can be done to these product pages? Can a 404 error page always work for you? Showing “out of stock” also hurts the site; especially, if the product pages are ranking high on the search engines. Considering that the number of products added on a daily or weekly basis differs from site to site, it is important that a small website has a different solution to this problem than a big site.

For the likes of Craiglist that get updated with thousands of products or businesses every day need a solution that is completely different than an ecommerce site that has a turnover of a few hundreds or even less. If your website is medium, that is, it has only a few hundreds to thousands turnover, then the solution has to be somewhere in the middle.

Tips for Unavailable Products on your Ecommerce Site Tips for Unavailable Products on your Ecommerce Site

Google’s Matt Cutts offers a solution for the unavailable products to all the small, medium and big ecommerce sites.

Small Websites

If you have a small ecommerce website with a few product pages, mostly fewer than 100, then you need to avoid using 404 error page. Your customer can actually turn away from the site in this manner. One can use the concept of related products in this case. If you direct your customers to a page with a similar product instead, then it can actually work as a good strategy. In this manner, you offer something similar or something related to the customer. This is by far, the best option when it comes to replacing the “out of stock” notice to the customer which can be really annoying.

Medium Websites

There are many average ecommerce sites that have products either going temporarily out of tock for a week or more or at times, products are taken off completely as in case of antique products that are once sold cannot be replenished on the site. One can use a 404 error page in this case. However, it is important not to show a blank 404 page. One can have a customized error page that has a link to the home page, some related products and also popular products to interest the visitors.

Big Websites

A major ecommerce website of the likes of Craiglist can use a special meta tag that automatically tells Google that the page is no longer of use. This meta tag works as a automated deadline and the page is removed from Google search results. The meta tag, unavailable_after, is used for the biggest ecommerce sites and is a good option for online stores with a turnover of over thousands.

Analyzing your E-Commerce Website Competitors

Success of any business largely depends on the competition. It may be a small business or a big corporation, failing to understand competitors may lead to the downfall of your business. Analyzing competitors puts you in an advantageous position and help you to take right decisions and strategize effective business plans.

The most important thing that you have to take into consideration is to study the nature and scope of the industry in which your organization competes. It will help you to understand who your real competitors are. You would definitely not want to waste time on analyzing companies that are not your real competitors.

need to analyze your competitors Analyzing your E Commerce Website Competitors

Need to Analyze your E-Commerce Website Competitors

The main reason why you have to analyze your competitors is that, if you do not get the business then your rival companies will get. You have to make sure that they do not offer anything lucrative to the customers that you do not offer.

This analysis will help you to determine where you are faring well and where does it needs improvement. Every time you find that your competitors are doing something better than you, you should make necessary changes and improve to remain in the competition and excel in business.

What to Analyze


Keywords serve as an important factor in competitor analysis. Analyzing which keyword or key phrase fetches a lot of traffic is important. You have to focus on the most competitive keywords and try to remain ahead of your competitors or on the first page in the search results.

Use Google Keyword Tool to find the relevant keywords to your website or business. Use the keywords with low competition and high volume. If you have an Adwords account, choose keywords with lowest cost per click price and lowest competition.

Keywords performance

  • Check which keywords your competitors have targeted and track where your rival sites rank more.
  • Find out the number of keywords that are ranked for your competitor’s site.
  • The number of web pages of the competitor website that are ranked in the Google
  • Number of pages of your competitor websites that are indexed in Google


Keeping track of the competitor link building helps in adopting the right SEO strategy to promote your site.

  • Keep a track on the number of backlinks of your rival sites
  • Quality of the sites  that link to your competitor sites
  • Which pages have more backlinks
  • What are the anchor texts?

Social media presence

Figure out the social media platforms that your competitors are working on.  Try to track and update with the latest information, offers etc on your Facebook profile, twitter profile, YouTube profile etc.

5 Tips to Use Social Media for eCommerce Promotion

Social media is the window to knowledge about the customers, what they are looking for and what the latest talk of the town is. It is also a door for you to explore new business opportunities and interact with the potential consumers at an individual level. Through engaging content and regular updates, one can actually communicate their business message and get the customers involved in their business.

5 tips to use social media for ecommerce promotion 5 Tips to Use Social Media for eCommerce Promotion

There are various social media platforms on the web that have caught the fancy of millions. Some of the most prolific and heavily visited websites include Facebook, Twitter, and various others social networks, blogs, podcasts, forums, social bookmarking sites etc. If you want to push the sales of your ecommerce website up and increase your revenue, then do not forget to try the following tips for optimal use of social media:

Bask in more customers

You can find a wide consumer base on the social networks as more and more people are getting social online. People are sharing, discussing, and talking about products, services and just about everything online. You can rope in these customers and expand your business online.

Improve your visibility

Your online presence gets a major boost on the social media sites. These are among the most frequented sites and your business gets immense online exposure on it. You can detail about your business, post information on new products and services and let your customers know what you are doing and offering to them.

Promote your latest offering or new arrivals

If you have a new product on the e-commerce site or have new arrivals waiting to be added, then promote them on the social networks. You can post about a new discount offer or latest seasonal offers on your Facebook or Twitter account. You can even have a business blog that connects easily with your customers and helps you show the personal side of your business story.

Know what your customers want

There are forums, question and answer sites and many other ways to understand what your customers want. You can even hold polls and organize small events on Facebook to understand what your customers are looking for.

Demographic targeting of customers

If you have a certain age group, gender, location or interest in mind, then there is nothing better than social media. You can have a new product launched that is exclusively for the youth and promote it on youth-friendly social media channels, YouTube, Facebook and the like. You can even use Facebook ads to post ads for specific demographic groups on the site.

Apart from just being quality platforms for interacting with friends and making new ones, the likes of Facebook and Twitter have come a long way in becoming a major resource for your business. You can find new sales lead, interact with customers and expand your business horizon on these social networks. Your social media presence also gives a major boost to your online visibility.                               

Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

For an ecommerce business, it becomes important that your visitors get exactly what they want on your website. If you have a product on your website that they are looking and they cannot find it, then it is as bad as not having it on your website altogether. Whatever cannot be found once on your website is sometimes even labeled as something regularly not available on your website. It can gain your ecommerce website a bad reputation of not having a particular product and so on.

know how to improve product findability on your ecommerce site Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

There are various other instances when an ecommerce website experience a poor show due to the way the product is available or found on the website. It is either hidden in the narrow sub categories or out of the reach of filters. Some websites fail to feature special sections such as “recently viewed product list” or the “most viewed product list” amongst others. Visitors want the product in concern to have a high find ability on the website. Let’s find how! The following are some of the key regions that an ecommerce website should focus on. These improve the usability of the website, increase product visibility and also make product navigation a cake walk!

Prominent Parent Categories, Clickable Too!

Parent categories are very much a part of the hierarchy of categories than what they are considered as. Many websites lose out on keeping this all important category in their hierarchy or breadcrumbs. Visitors often find themselves clicking on the parent category with no luck. They are mostly non-clickable and they are mere labels. Many users are disappointed that there is no parent category to navigate to, instead they are forced to explore the sub categories instead.

prominent parent categories Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

Having sub categories in a menu are required to ensure that the different products are easily searchable, manageable as well as scannable. But even the top websites miss out on improving this vital part of the website for the benefit of their visitors. Many visitors opt to leave an ecommerce site much because of the unavailability of a prominent parent category.

Anyone who is visiting your website for the first time wants to get a hang of what the parent categories are offering before visiting the narrowed sub categories. Therefore, always have a parent category, a clickable one and with good set of links to the sub categories.

Distribute Products in Different Categories

More often than not we are not sure about what category to look for a particular product. For example, if we are searching for a coffee table on an ecommerce site, then there are chances that some might look for it in the ‘accessories’ section, some might look it up in ‘tables’ while some might look for it in living room section. Therefore, there is a different perspective used to search for a particular product online.

distribute products in different categories Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

It is advisable and a safe bet to align your products in different categories when necessary. Do not add your products only to one category, when they qualify for others as well. Therefore, at the end of day there would be many sub categories that a user might expect to find in different parent categories.

While placing products in different parent categories, one has to keep the end users in mind. They have numerous fuzzy categories or sub categories in mind and search as per their choice. One has to provide them ample options to find the product they need on the website easily without a lot of brain wracking.

“What’s New” Always Comes Handy!

Many users avoid plowing through the different product categories and hundreds of products on your ecommerce site before deciding for a purchase. If they are buying for a friend or an occasion, it becomes all the more important to check out what’s new in store for them. A nice and well-defined ‘what’s new’ section helps users easily get their eyes on the new arrivals on the website.

what new always comes handy Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce sites can likewise have a filter added to their search for “what’s new”. It helps them easily search for the latest product additions to the websites. It is the best way to keep your return visitors interested in the latest offerings on the website. One does not even have to worry about whether the product is a new addition to the website or not. One can highlight the features of a product and offer reasonable discounts through the “What’s New” section.

Accurate Product Suggestions Win Gold!

Imagine you are looking for an elegant evening gown and want accessories and footwear matching to it. Or for that matter, you are searching for soft toys for your little ones and you are wondering what accessories you can add to his room. This is where product suggestions come in handy. If you are on a website and looking for a particular product, alternatives to that product or complimentary products make your search a lot easier.

accurate product suggestions win gold Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

If you are inclined towards cross-selling of products or suggestive selling, then it a positive sign for your business. Right from supplementary products to alternatives, users simply adore the idea to be helped along the way. This shows that you are not alone and you are constantly guided on the website. Good suggestions means that they find different products that are complimentary to each other; hence, saving time and effort of the users.

The need for accessorizing and add-ons has been heavy on most of us. We seldom buy a new dress without buying a matching pair of footwear with it. The case stands true even online! We feel the need to buy a new leather sofa and also end up booking for a coffee table that compliments it perfectly. Therefore, cross-sectional navigation is the need of the hour to help users have a great browsing and purchase experience.

“Recently Viewed Products” is Important Too!

Many users want to navigate back to the products that they had previously viewed on an ecommerce website. The “back” button of the browser might not serve the purpose well enough. More so, if you need to browse more than one product that you had viewed previously, then even the ‘back’ button does not suffice as a good option. Many at times we want to compare features and compatibility of different products before making the final purchase. We can click on the “recently viewed items” list and easily find the products that we had last viewed. This saves the time of the users and they are not required to move up and down the product hierarchy to find previously viewed products again.

recently viewed products  is important too Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

Here, refinding products is also important to give a satisfactory browsing experience to the users. The users are more content with their purchase decision after moving back and forth to the products viewed by them and taking the final call.  The recently viewed products list appears in the form of a series of products or history-based breadcrumbs and helps the users peep back into the products they had viewed previously and compare the different products.

Compatible Product Pages for Enhanced User Experience

As discussed in the above points, many users look for products as well as complimentary products or accessories. Even supplementary items are eagerly looked for that add on to your shopping experience. An ecommerce site can have dedicated pages that offer compatible products along with supplementary and alternative products. It is important that both suggestions of products as well as recently viewed products are clubbed with compatible products pages for the users.

compatible product pages for enhanced user experience Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

For instance, if you are looking to buy a camera with a compatible case, you have search for the right camera and also the case that matches the dimensions of the camera. Instead, a compatible products page can offer the different accessories and compatible products or supplements that correspond to that particular product. Therefore, a camera page will also list different compatible accessories for that particular camera such as lenses, matching case, batteries, chargers etc.

Linking Contextual Images to Products Directly

Browsing products from countless categories and sub categories can actually get tiring for an end user. Moreover, if you spot the product that you are looking for in a contextual image and you are not able to navigate to it, then you are bound to get frustrated. Many ecommerce websites end up losing potential buyers due to the lack of linking between contextual images and the products on display.

linking contextual Images to products directly Know How to Improve Product Findability on Your Ecommerce Site

It is widely considered that contextual images add an aesthetic appeal to the website; however, their inability to link to the products directly also results in a lot of frustration for the end users. They also end up losing their trust on the website and render it unfit for finding and purchasing a product.

For example, an online furniture store may have images that depict a living room setting or a bedroom for that matter. People might find the table beside the bed more appealing than the actual product (bed) in question. It is now that the contextual images should not just link to the bed but also to the table in the picture and help the users navigate to its corresponding page.

 To sum up, if the end users cannot find it, they cannot buy it! The simplest rule is to improve the find ability of products on the website and provide quality browsing experience to the users.

How Much Does Duplicate Content Hurt a Website?

We time and again come across this expression that ‘content is the king’. But, what about duplicate content? With all the Google updates making inroads into cleaning the web information, how much can duplicate content cost you or for that your website performance? Whether you web content is copied from some other source or some other website has copied the content from you, your website content is duplicate, alright!

The ‘Update’ Effect

The last of the Google Updates, Hummingbird, further stresses on the need of unique content on a website. If your website has all the ingredients to take it to the top, it can fall flat on its face with the presence of duplicate content , no matter how small it is! The search engine giant has constantly been a reckoning force in giving the right directions to the websites and online businesses to put information that is useful to the end users. Anyone who uses Google to search products, services or find information needs to be provided with what is best and what is quality on the Internet.

how much does duplicate content hurt a website How Much Does Duplicate Content Hurt a Website?

How Does Duplicate Content Matter?

Duplicate content to a great extent can cost you the very existence of your website. If you have a website that is ranking high on the search engines and it suddenly slumps down, then you are making a big mistake by not checking for duplicate content off and on. It is one of the major hindrances that companies and website businesses face today as they head towards claiming their websites as Google-friendly or Google-optimized.

As per Google’s Matt Cutts, about 25-30% of web content is duplicate content. He further stresses that it is not a very alarming situation for Google or for the net surfers. But, what is interesting to note is that if you are among the 25-30% of the websites with duplicate content, then prepare yourself to be penalized. The websites, who are party in the act, get a heavy denting on their search engine ranking. They lose their top search engine ranking and are even dumped way past the 100th-page mark.

Even though Google refrains from treating duplicate content as spam as not every website can manage to put fresh content on it or keep a check on the theft of their original content, it still penalizes the website in the form of losing top search engine rankings. Any website with duplicate content is not a spam but it is not worthy of enjoying the privilege of top ranking either.

Unique Selling Proposition for your Ecommerce Website

You have finally decided to set up your ecommerce website and sell the products on an online store. However, it is important to know, why potential customers should visit your website instead of hundreds of others offering the same products or services. The answer remains in your USP. That is, you have to create formulate your own unique selling proposition.

unique selling proposition for your ecommerce website  Unique Selling Proposition for your Ecommerce Website

This question haunts many other entrepreneurs and Ecommerce website development experts who strive to create innovative and creative websites for their clients. So, what is that thing that can keep you ahead of the pack and excel in business? What should be your mission statement that attracts your customers to you and not your competitors?

Value of the Products

In order to define your mission statement and create a unique selling proposition, you have to conduct a market survey, research and analyze to find out the value of your products in the market. Your proposition should satisfy the need of a customer with a bundle of benefits. It is all about communicating your value to the customers.

Instead of following blindly the route that everyone is following, you have to create a unique space for your products in the minds of the customers. This is quite a challenging task and needs professional expertise in accomplishing it.

Your idea should have a winning difference from others to reach the target audience and convince them to be your customers. You should let them know why your brand is different to formulate your USP forcing customers to come back to you time and again.

Communicating with Customers

Using pictures to attract your customers is a great way to communicate your selling argument. Images speak volumes of your products. Include high resolution pictures. However, you should not forget to add the additional benefits like free shipping and guarantees that are common benefits offered by almost all other e-commerce sites. Apart from the images, you should include a headline in simple language explaining why your product is worth purchasing communicating your promise of customer satisfaction.

An E-commerce store should not be different from a real store. Except that, it is virtual all other features should give the users a real feel of shopping. Once your customers understand the quality of your products, its affordable price, they will automatically understand why they should choose your site to buy these products.

Many E-commerce Website design experts in Vancouver try to achieve this unique selling proposition by studying the business goals and create designs that communicate with customers.

Online Business Success: The Ecommerce Way

Today much of the business growth depends on the Ecommerce website design. This is a prospering industry that has much to offer to both the businessmen and the customers. With the increase in online shopping, more and more businesses have adopted the Ecommerce way. Ecommerce web design services offer quality solutions to cater to these business needs. online business success the ecommerce way Online Business Success: The Ecommerce Way

An ecommerce website design serves as a primary medium between the business and its customers. The more you try communicating convincingly, the more will be your business growth. You should aim at users visiting your site regularly to purchase the products and avail the services you offer. Although many businesses tend to follow this approach, success comes to only those who follow some basic rules and adopt the right tricks to make their website unique and promote it. There are certain basic things that you have to keep in mind while you design an ecommerce website. Major points are discussed here.

Responsive Web Design

With the changing trends in web browsing, Ecommerce websites have to be highly responsive and open in any type of interface including a desktop, laptop, mobile or a tablet. A responsive website plays a crucial role in business growth as people can access it from any device that is even hand-held. This Device Compatibility enables ecommerce website owners to sell their products to maximum customers. It increases the scope and widens the reach of a business.

Filtering Feature

Any individual, who wants to buy something from a website, will never want to browse each and every product you offer. It is therefore, necessary to integrate the filtering feature to your ecommerce website. This will help customers to narrow down their search according to their specific requirements. The major categories that you can offer to narrow down the search are according to the popularity of products, size, brands, price etc.
Product Information

Never try to conceal facts or hide relevant information about your products. Visitors of your site will be disappointed if they do not find sufficient information of the products they select. Detailed information about the products will help in winning the trust of your customers.

Customer Information

Never try to extract irrelevant information from your customers. If you make mandatory form filling exercises, customers will just walk away. Many people browse sites through hand held devices and do not have time and scope to fill a lot of information before checking out. Customers should feel it to be a easy, comfortable and hassle-free shopping experience.

Security First

The most important aspect in the ecommerce website development is the security of personal and financial information of your customers. You have to make sure that this information provided by your customers is safe and secure. You should integrate a secure payment gateway for money transactions.

To incorporate all the necessary elements and integrate the features in your ecommerce website, you can seek help from Ecommerce Web Design Vancouver experts. With ample experience in this field, they can understand your business goals and design a customized e commerce website catering to your needs.