How to Maximize Christmas Sales using E-Commerce Tips?

The holiday shopping season brings more rewards to any online retailer! It starts from the end of October and continue to the end of the year. It may represent and contribute up to 40 percent of an online retailer’s total annual sales.

Even marginal improvement in marketing can lead to significant achievements. Christmas is a busy time, which proves rewarding for the retail sector. Here are few ideas to appeal shoppers and maximizing Christmas sales:

christmas day sale How to Maximize Christmas Sales using E Commerce Tips?
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5 Key Factors You should Consider for Custom Ecommerce Web Design

The aim of an ecommerce website is to generate business for its products or services. These websites are the store fronts which are easy to access from your home. Services and goods can be seen, read about and bought with great convenience. Having an ecommerce web site help boost business than anything. If it is not done properly, it can also go wrong. While designing an ecommerce site, careful considerations should not be overlooked. It is always better to keep in mind some factors that are important for custom ecommerce web design.

5factors 5 Key Factors You should Consider for Custom Ecommerce Web Design

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Look through 6 Must-Haves before Picking a Shopping Cart

Are you going to pick a shopping cart? Do not just go and choose the one that appeals you. Considering features and their capabilities is utmost important. Find the one that suits your needs the best. Here are five must-haves that you should check before making your choice of the shopping cart.
shopping cart Look through 6 Must Haves before Picking a Shopping Cart

1. Security Customer Data is Vital

Security is an important factor that you simply cannot ignore. Before you pick a shopping cart, look for security. It ensures that all customer data is protected. The requirements for security can be varied for online business owners. It basically depends on your sales volume. Consider security as front seat while picking a shopping cart.
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8 Marketing Tips for converting visitors into Buyers

Getting more users and converting them is the main agenda for an ecommerce site owner. You want to hit the bull’s eye with your online store. You want to try out the best tactics to convert your shoppers into buyers whichever way possible.

ecom 8 Marketing Tips for converting visitors into Buyers
Through this blog, we share with you some carefully dissected and researched actionable marketing tips to improve on your e-store’s conversion rate. You can make a quick head start with the tips and implement them on your online store. Right from running a contest on the store to the implementation of a referral marketing program, you can make more users stop, turn and buy on your website.

Top 8 Tips for Increasing Sales Conversion on Your Ecommerce Site:

Tip #1 Work Out an Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Email continues to rule the roost in internet marketing. As per a recent research, email has a staggering ROI of around 4,300 that makes it a clear winner surpassing other internet marketing divisions by a huge margin.

It is always a good idea to build an automated email marketing campaign for your ecommerce site. Whether you are reaching out to your clients or fresh prospects, engagement and re-engagement reaches its fruition with this form of marketing.

Tip #2 An Email PopUp is Worth It!

Even though the first tip is a cracker not everyone has a long email list to execute it. You can probably use an email pop up on your blog or ecommerce site. It might be an annoyance but with very negative impact! The kind of response that is generated from email PopUps is huge! You stand to increase the number of email subscribers in no time!
Now, with a long list of subscribers in hand, you are in a better position to sell your idea. Start email marketing now, if you have been standing at the corner.

Tip #3 “Your shopping cart is waiting for you!”

How often do we visit an ecommerce website, add products to our cart and end up not checking out? We are either in hurry or have a power cut that result in missing out the final order placement step. Losing out sales in this form can really cost you dearly; hence, it is important to have a persistent cart that enables users to come back and find their items waiting in it. You can also send a quick email or an SMS reminder that there are items added to the cart that are waiting for the next step! This form of “understanding” helps in completing many missed out purchases. It is also a great way to save a great deal of lost business for your ecommerce site.

Tip #4 Place a Compelling Call To Action

You might have everything fit in place for your online store, but losing out on powerful Calls to Action (CTAs) can be a big mistake. You just can’t miss out on a tactic that is effective, attractive yet simple! It alone generates a great deal of leads for your website. CTAs are the most important and effective ways of ensuring quality and regular conversions on the site.

Placing a clear and attractive text or graphic that links to the “next action” page can do wonders for your e-store. People can subscribe to your newsletters, buy, enquire and add to cart using the wisely placed and conspicuous CTAs. (But remember not to overcrowd the page with these!)

Tip #5 Describing Products Like a Beauty!

There are products on every ecommerce website. Sometimes, it is generally the same product appearing on different websites. What is so special about your product on your website? It is the product description! The beauty of the product to attract a buyer lies in how well it has been described.
Perfecting the art of product description needs time and research. You have to be able to provide complete details about the product yet present it in a way that is way different from a manufacturer’s description.

Tip #6 Contests, Special Offers & Giveaways

Running a contest on an online store is a great way to engage the users. Many subscribers and customers find it as a good way to benefit from the website and you can also make new customers with this effort.
One can also run similar campaigns or contests on social media networks as well as newsletters to get more users to participate in the contests. It is important to create a buzz and then start selling. Get active participation from all corners. You can also benefit from special offers and free giveaways.
Remember to use the seasonal offers and special discount schemes on your store when the time is just right!

Tip #7 Get On with Live Chat

As per recent studies, 21% of online shoppers love the idea to indulge in live chat over other media. Live chat helps them to get answers immediately to a variety of questions. There is an expert on the other side waiting to solve queries and provide the right guidance.
If you want to cut back on the bounce rate on your ecommerce site or want to ensure that your customers stay for longer on the site, introduce Live Chat. They are more likely to stay back and even buy something if they get immediate answers to their questions.

Tip #8 Refer a friend & Earn/Win

Referral marketing is a popular tool in ecommerce and other forms of e-business that is used to gain new customers through referrals. Word of mouth is used in a strategic way to gain more registered users or buyers for an ecommerce site.
According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends or family than vouching for other forms of internet marketing. Therefore, winning prospects through referrals is a great word to spread the name of your ecommerce site.
These are some of the vital tips to ensure that your shoppers stay and also buy on your online store. You can further use other methods such as product reviews, user reviews, product videos, galleries and social media integration to further enhance user experience on your website.

Build a Custom Ecommerce Website for your Business

With the growing dependence on internet and changing trends in shopping there has been a boom in the ecommerce websites. Today almost all businesses depend on reaching their audience through a website. If you want to sell your products or services online then the best thing is to have a custom ecommerce website.

Why Custom Ecommerce Website?

Build a Custom Ecommerce Website for your Business Build a Custom Ecommerce Website for your Business

You aspire to grow your business with the right marketing tools, an appealing website and reach to customers spread across different locations across the globe. Just like you all business individuals also want the same. Each business is different and is unique in its own way. Your ecommerce website should represent the true sense of your business. A custom website is designed to cater to your specific needs. It includes all the features and functionalities in the website to reach to your target audience.

A custom ecommerce website should speak volumes about your business. You should make sure that it is created to grab the attention of the customers. You should convince your customers on how you are different from others. A custom ecommerce web design should generate more leads and also enable your customers to get easy access to the products or services you deal with.

Target your Customers

Basing on the type of business you deal with, you have to target customers both locally and globally. You should try to include a personal touch to the website so that a visitor should not feel lost visiting your website.

Easy navigation

You website must allow your customers to navigate easily and find what they are looking for. It should have a clear and concise menu so that users can find the products quickly. The text should be legible and easy to comprehend. You have to think like your customer does and make sure that all the information needed is readily available.

You should also focus on the loading time of your website. Your customers do not have time to wait and they will quickly go to your competitor’s website if they do not find your website loading.

Colors and Themes

Colors and themes can work wonders if created properly. A custom ecommerce website should have the right colors to attract the customers and retain them.

Other points to consider while creating a custom ecommerce website

  • Put your company name and logo on every webpage to make sure that your customers recall your company easily.
  • Use high quality images that reflects your business
  • Use light color background with dark text for easy readability
  • Create engaging content that compels your customers

If you are looking for professional web design Company, you can easily find a company that can build a Custom ecommerce website in Vancouver.

Ecommerce Website Development Captivating the Customers

Before we talk about an ecommerce website development, let us focus on a simple issue. If you want to purchase a mobile phone, what would you do? Obviously you would take help from the internet and visit a number of websites dealing with different mobiles phones, compare the prices, features and any discount deals on an ecommerce website. In the process you flip through a number of websites and stop at one particular website for a longer time. Why have you stopped at that particular website? Have you ever thought about the features, information, appeal and navigation that have forced you to stop there? Yes. You have rejected many sites because you did not find them captivating enough or you could not find what you want from those websites.

Ecommerce Website Development Captivating the Customers Ecommerce Website Development Captivating the Customers

Now as a website owner, where do you want to stand? Do you want your visitors to just flip through and reject your website or do you want them to continue with your site and become your valuable customer? If you want such an undivided attention from the visitors, you have to make sure that you add all the cool features, easy navigation and unique appeal. Designing an attractive website helps in promoting your business and in generating revenue.

Easy Navigation and Legible Text

When visitors can navigate through the ecommerce store easily and can find the products that they are looking for without clicking more, then you have reached to a point in satisfying your visitors to an extent. The story does not end there; the ultimate goal is the sale of your products. Apart from integrating easy navigation, you should make sure that you include text that is convincing enough to provide the necessary information to the customers. You have to make sure that the text can easily be read against the background color to take an instance you can use dark text on a light background that can be read easily.

Loading Time

Apart from integrating all cool features and visually appealing background, another important aspect you should consider is the loading time. In the fast world that we live in, no one has the time to wait. The same goes with website browsing also. People do not wait for long if a website does not load quickly. What good are all the features and visual appeal of your website if visitors go away before it loads. Therefore, you have to make sure that your ecommerce website loads quickly.

Professional Ecommerce Development Services

Professional ecommerce development companies study your business needs and create visually appealing custom ecommerce websites. They create fully functional sites focusing on all important aspects such as easy navigation, easy to read text, right color scheme, fast loading and so on. They also focus on various SEO techniques to generate relevant traffic to your website and increase your customer base.

The Advantages of Ecommerce Websites for your Business

Ecommerce or electronic commerce has grown in popularity with time. Generally this process is termed as the buying and selling of products over the internet. An e-commerce website acts as a catalogue for the products and services offered by a business. This way of business transaction is gaining importance as it is highly reliable, accurate,
speed in procedure and it limits the time wastage to a great extent.

The Advantages of Ecommerce Websites for your Business The Advantages of Ecommerce Websites for your Business

If you are one of those businesses whose main purpose and function is selling products, then the fastest way to gain your customers’ trust by proving that your products are genuine is by establishing your company as an e-commerce company. Only when you gain the customer’s trust will you be able to start selling anything.

How do you establish your company in the e-commerce industry?

The competition in the e-commerce industry is stiff and intense. Everyday new online stores are being launched and they are all running on one aim; to be the best among the rest. The popularity of an e-commerce website is determined by the traffic they receive on the site, as more traffic basically means more customers.

Despite the market competitions, with the proper guidance and directions even a small, upcoming company can easily succeed itself in the e-commerce industry. The first and the most important thing is the way you launch your website. Depending on how the site appears visually, your company will be judged and you never know when the theme you chose for your site may be the reason why you lost potential customers.

Online shopping stores are a shopper’s haven, as these sites give them all the options that a general walk-in store provides. Online stores not only save a shopper’s time but they also arrange the products in orderly manners to avoid cluster and make it easier for their customers to spot. Now you don’t have to walk through one aisle to another at your local store to find the product on your list.

Hiring the right designer for your site

There are thousands of web developers and designers but, when you hire an agency to help you build your site check that they are sure of meeting your requirements. Hiring website developing companies that are specialized in e-commerce will be an added advantage for you. Ecommerce Website Design Vancouver is one such site designing company that provides features beneficial for your online store. Some of the features they provide your website are; catalog management, product browsing option for your customers, catalog browsing, order management, checkout, Shipping and Payment options.

The Pitfalls of Ecommerce Web-Design

When it comes to the best ecommerce web-design, there is a world of things to take into account. Here are the ones that spring to mind.


Don’t look cheap. If the site doesn’t look effortlessly professional, then forget about it. You’re asking people to make an online transaction. The customer needs to trust you with their credit card details. Everything from the font to the layout and images should be clean and slick. If you rely heavily on images then make sure they’re of good quality and appropriate resolution.

The Pitfalls of Ecommerce Web Design The Pitfalls of Ecommerce Web Design


What do you offer? What makes you unique? What makes your service different from everybody else’s service? You need to be able to articulate your value-proposition in the most concise possible way. All great concepts depend on instant recognition of premise. If confusion is the enemy, the arch-enemy is apathy. Make people understand. And then make people care.


Make sure your site is straightforward to navigate. Make sure it’s easy to locate the basket or move to the checkout. There should be logic to every page and pop-up. The best E-commerce web design is intuitive to use. The more the user has to think about it, the less faith they’re going have in you. So make sure you do heaps and heaps of testing!

Similar Companies

Check out the competition. Unless your idea is very, very novel, it’s likely that other people have failed or succeeded at what you’re trying to do. The monuments or wreckage of their endeavors will be strewn across the Internet. It’s amazing how many people set up websites without properly engaging with the ones already out there. Analyze what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Then make sure that your value proposition is sufficiently different from theirs. The best ecommerce web-design takes what already works and creates new constellations.


Avoid too much clutter. Keep things simple. Concentrate on doing one thing well. Don’t smother the user with technical information about your services. There is nothing so daunting as paragraphs and paragraphs of specs and explanations, most of it repetitive junk. Get to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit and also the soul of marketing.


The best ecommerce web design avoids disruption. Don’t put too many walls between the user and the purchase. Some businesses like to make the user sign up to an account before they can make a transaction. The thinking behind this is that it’s a way of getting their email address etc. But before you go down this route, think about the kind of business you’re in. In some cases users will find it disruptive to be asked to create an account. Figure out how they’ll react. Use social media. Allow people to sign up to accounts using their Facebook or Twitter IDs. But make this an option, not an obligation. Don’t force people into situations they don’t want to be in. Never, never make them angry.