5 Ways to Showcase Your Ecommerce Products That Result in More Sales

Posted on August 9, 2017 by admin


In today’s competitive Ecommerce industry, it is imperative to design an online shop that not only attracts consumers, but entices them to purchase items you have to sell. One of the most important pages on your Ecommerce website is, of course, your products pages.

In order to ensure your Ecommerce products are producing the results you want, in terms of sales, make sure you follow these 5 ways to showcase your Ecommerce products:

1. Write Custom Product Descriptions

While it may seem convenient to simply copy and paste product descriptions straight from the product manufacturer’s site, or documentation, it does not bode well for satisfying the requirements for healthy SEO, or good user experience. Popular search engines, such as Google, look for content which is unique and relevant, so if you provide product descriptions which satisfy these two elements, you have better chances of boosting your site higher in search rankings, and meeting the needs of your potential customers.

2. Display Products In Different Sizes

In an effort to convince consumers to move forward with a purchase, make sure to display products in such a way that will give shoppers a realistic visualization of your products. Try to provide product images which are displayed in varying angles and sizes. If products are clothing items, make sure to include measurements and sizing charts.

3. Always Include Clear Calls To Action

Eliminate confusion for potential buyers by including clear calls to action on your product pages. Make sure that your “add to cart” buttons are highly visible and are consistent in design.

4. Enhance Consumer Confidence

Convincing consumers to move forward with purchases can be achieved by boosting their confidence,through communicating the features and qualities of your products and your ecommerce store (quality, sizing, free shipping, good return policy, consumer testimonials etc.)

5. Include Video

A welcome change for consumers, rather than using only text for product descriptions, is including a video which communicates the details of particular products on display, or in use.

Investing some time to fine tune your product pages for your Ecommerce site will result in more sales and a greater experience for your site visitors.

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