Our Clients

“You are likely reading this testimonial as a means of comparing online development and search marketing service providers. I did the exact same thing 3 years ago, and I settled on Nirvana. I chose them because they understood my objectives, met with me personally, and offered suggestions without questioning my goals.

They have now assisted me on several fronts, and I consider them my go-to contractor of choice. They provide strategic execution with respect to online web development and optimization efforts, offer articulate advice, and critical analysis…”

Aaron W. Smith Founder of GoVoluntouring

“I have maintained a good business relationship with Nirvana for over 3 years. I feel that in order to build a solid business relationship good communication and trust are key elements. The knowledgeable staff at Nirvana have developed a solid internet marketing plan for Williams Roofing & Drainage Ltd. that has targeted our key market and allowed us to grow in a very competitive industry.”

Mike Williams Williams Roofing & Drainage Ltd

“Our business now has a great website thanks to NIRVANA CANADA. Our new site allows our customers to view real information about us. NIRVANA CANADA gave us a design that really suits our profession; and they made a number of changes during the design process; which we requested, without additional fees. NIRVANA CANADA is by far the most professional and reliable Web Design – Internet Marketing Company we encountered. They responded so fast to our initial concerns in getting a website built and had such a comprehensive solution that the other web designers we spoke to were simply out-classed. NIRVANA CANADA made us a fantastic website that is user friendly, and makes shopping easier for our customers, so we heartily recommend their services. We consider our decision to have a new website designed by NIRVANA CANADA the best business decision we’ve ever made.”

J. W Consulting Vancouver, West Side