5 Tips to Use Social Media for eCommerce Promotion

Posted on January 14, 2014 by admin

Social media is the window to knowledge about the customers, what they are looking for and what the latest talk of the town is. It is also a door for you to explore new business opportunities and interact with the potential consumers at an individual level. Through engaging content and regular updates, one can actually communicate their business message and get the customers involved in their business.


There are various social media platforms on the web that have caught the fancy of millions. Some of the most prolific and heavily visited websites include Facebook, Twitter, and various others social networks, blogs, podcasts, forums, social bookmarking sites etc. If you want to push the sales of your ecommerce website up and increase your revenue, then do not forget to try the following tips for optimal use of social media:

Bask in more customers

You can find a wide consumer base on the social networks as more and more people are getting social online. People are sharing, discussing, and talking about products, services and just about everything online. You can rope in these customers and expand your business online.

Improve your visibility

Your online presence gets a major boost on the social media sites. These are among the most frequented sites and your business gets immense online exposure on it. You can detail about your business, post information on new products and services and let your customers know what you are doing and offering to them.

Promote your latest offering or new arrivals

If you have a new product on the e-commerce site or have new arrivals waiting to be added, then promote them on the social networks. You can post about a new discount offer or latest seasonal offers on your Facebook or Twitter account. You can even have a business blog that connects easily with your customers and helps you show the personal side of your business story.

Know what your customers want

There are forums, question and answer sites and many other ways to understand what your customers want. You can even hold polls and organize small events on Facebook to understand what your customers are looking for.

Demographic targeting of customers

If you have a certain age group, gender, location or interest in mind, then there is nothing better than social media. You can have a new product launched that is exclusively for the youth and promote it on youth-friendly social media channels, YouTube, Facebook and the like. You can even use Facebook ads to post ads for specific demographic groups on the site.

Apart from just being quality platforms for interacting with friends and making new ones, the likes of Facebook and Twitter have come a long way in becoming a major resource for your business. You can find new sales lead, interact with customers and expand your business horizon on these social networks. Your social media presence also gives a major boost to your online visibility.                               

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