Creating an Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Posted on October 16, 2013 by admin

A Realistic Approach

Promoting business online and strengthening customer base becomes easy by creating an effective eCommerce website. There are many points that you have to remember while creating an ecommerce website.

An ecommerce website should give the feel of a real shopping experience to online visitors. Nobody will like to purchase from a website that do not give good navigation features and distracts the attention. Just like a real shopping centre, people will love to browse different categories, sub categories and choose their products. Moreover, selecting items and adding to the cart will enhance the shopping experience. To accomplish all this, you need to hire Ecommerce Website Vancouver experts. Professional Ecommerce Web Design Vancouver companies have expert designers, developers, content writers and other internet marketing professionals to work in perfect coordination to get the best outcome of an ecommerce website.

Easy Shopping

In such a shopping portal you have to integrate a shopping cart that should enable easy listing and buying of the selected products. Users should get the options like ‘buy now’, ‘add to cart’, or ‘compare products’ for easy shopping. The content on each page or the description of product should be concise and to the point. Users do not like unnecessary and lengthy descriptions of a product. However, you should not miss important details and break it into points for easy understanding.

Right Layout

Creating the right website design always does the trick. You have to make sure that the WebPages should be consistent for each product listed. A consistent layout gives a professional look and increases the credibility of your products. Online buyers get confused when there is inconsistency in the product or icon placement. That is the reason why you need professional web design or ecommerce Website Vancouver companies who can understand your business goals and cater to your specific requirements by creating custom websites.

Easy Payment Gateway

Purchasing a product online means spending money and making online transactions. You have to make sure that there is an easy payment gateway and should provide all major payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal etc. Moreover, the pricing information of the products you offer should be in detail and online buyers should not feel cheated after ordering a product. If you offer free shipping or any other discount package, advertise it prominently.

Image Integration

Using quality product images with high resolution is another important factor that you should consider while designing your shopping portal. It plays a major role in pursuing the customers to make a purchase decision. Make sure to include multiple angles and Zoom features of a product to increase e-commerce conversion. Lastly, include the return policy information and disclaimers if any to gain the good will of your customers.

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