What Mistakes You Need to Avoid on Your Ecommerce Website?

Posted on September 2, 2013 by admin

An online customer, who is just about to make a purchase on your online store, ends up moving away from the site for some or the other reason. An e-commerce website that is too flashy need not be user-friendly or provide the right services in an effective way to the customers.

Some of the many things that one needs to avoid on their e-commerce website include:

Slow site

If your website is too slow then your customers are bound to leave your website in quick time. If the website is slow to upload, then your visitors may not be patient enough to stay on it for long.

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Difficult Payment System

Some e-commerce sites have a cumbersome payment system that demands a lot of entries and checkpoints to make a simple payment. It makes the process time-consuming and tiring for the customers.

Site is Complicated

If your site is complicated and has too many sections to it, then it gives a cluttered look to the visitors. A visitor generally spends less time on a website that has a lot of sections overlapping each other or there is lack of proper demarcations being made. A simple and clean website is likely to have more visitors and a reduced bounce rate.

High Shipping Rates

If you charge very high shipping rates, for delivering goods to your customers, then chances are that they might not make a second visit to your website or cancel the order payment there and then.

Poor Browser Compatibility

Lastly, poor compatibility of your website with different browsers may also result in turning off your visitors.

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