3 Common Check Out Design Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on June 14, 2019 by admin

3 Common Check Out Design Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important pages for any e-commerce website is the checkout page. This page, if designed correctly, should provide a smooth process that enables your online customers the ability to purchase items they want in few steps, without difficulty, which will lead to increased conversions and profits for your company.

There are some common check out page design mistakes that you should avoid and here are 3 of them:

1. Not Making Your Website & Checkout Mobile Friendly

Most people nowadays have a mobile device from which they look up information and/or purchase items. If your website is not designed for mobile use, you are hindering your customers, making it difficult for them to be able to navigate and clearly see and fill in elements on your checkout page.

2. Cluttering the Checkout Page with Menus and Too Many Steps

As far as check out page mistakes go, cluttering this page with too many menus and too many steps for site users to navigate is high up there on the list of mistakes you should avoid.

3. Making It Mandatory for Site Visitors to Create an Account

Forcing site visitors to create an account before they can move forward with purchasing items they want leaves customers feeling that they have no choice, and that’s not how you want to treat your potential buyers. Some people may not want to save personal information with a company they’re not all that familiar with, so allowing them to check out as a guest, where they do not need to provide as much personal data,is a good solution.

Avoiding these 3 examples of common check out page mistakes can help you improve the checkout process experience for your site visitors and boost your conversion rates.

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