3 Ways to Build an SEO Friendly Ecommerce Site

Posted on March 19, 2018 by admin


Online retailers who underestimate the importance of SEO in their ecommerce web design will definitely hindertheir web presence among search engines, resulting in poor search rankings and internet users’ inability to locate their websites.

To prevent this from happening to your ecommerce site, make sure to incorporate these 3 SEO strategies within your EcommerceWeb design:

Eliminate Duplicate Content
Duplicate content on your website will result in lowered page rankings among popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, so make sure to regularly clean up your content, on both the frontend and backend of your site.

Use Mobile Friendly Web Design

Most people nowadays, use some kind of mobile device in order to access information and purchase items in order to enhance user experience (which Google rewards) you will want to use mobile friendly Web design, so that your content is accessible on all types of mobile devices, regardless of screen size.

Optimize Images

Implementing SEO techniques for your site images can help to drive traffic to your Ecommercewebsite.To optimize images, you can provide descriptive names and ALT text (helpful for visually impaired Internet users),and adjust image size for quicker loading and downloading.

Without proper SEO techniques in place, your online business will not be able to grow or meet its business objectives, but by keeping up with the latest trends in SEO strategies, and conducting metrics to analyze which strategies are working and which ones may need tweaking, your Ecommerce site will generate a healthy rate of incoming traffic, resulting in greater online revenue potential. This article covers 3 techniques to create an SEO friendly Ecommerce site, but there are a number of other effective SEO strategies that can also be implemented to improve site rankings and drive traffic.

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