3 Ways UX Design is Important for Enhancing GUI On A Website

Posted on January 21, 2019 by admin

3 Ways UX Design is Important for Enhancing GUI On A Website

These days it is an absolute necessity for website owners to focus on enhancing the GUI of their website to improve the user experience.

The e-commerce arena, which is highly competitive, pushes website designers to look at improving their UX design and understand the importance of doing so. UX design, when done correctly, can make a world of difference to the website you build and the customers it serves.

Here are 3 ways UX design is important for enhancing GUI on a website:

1. Usability

UX design goes beyond being a digital tool but also involves capturing the true essence (emotions, connectivity on a human level) of how online users will interact with your website. Improving the UX design for how website visitors will use your website to get what they are needing will help reduce bounce rates.

2. Identifies Your Targeted Audience

Knowing who your targeted audience is helps ensure your website is designed to meet the needs of this particular demographic of users. UX design involves conducting research and analysis to determine who your target audience is, and from there you can tailor your website design to meet their needs.

3. Accessibility Of Your Website

Through UX design planning and testing of your website you can determine how accessible your website is to any online user who may visit your site. Drafting a user flow diagram that is put together to illustrate the journey a site visitor would take to move through your website and navigate to where they would want to go would be the first step to take to ensure the accessibility of your website. A secondary measure to take to ensure accessibility of your website is to utilize analytical tools to see how users are accessing your site in real time.

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