4 Smart Ways to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Posted on November 25, 2018 by admin

4 Smart Ways to Improve eCommerce Conversions

When it comes to generating profit for your eCommerce business, you want to be taking careful watch of your eCommerce conversion rates, as low conversion rates equal low profits for your business.

If you have noticed a decline in your eCommerce conversion performance, it’s time to look at how to improve your eCommerce conversions now, instead of waiting for a greater loss to your business’ bottom-line.

Here are 4 smart ways you can improve eCommerce conversions today:

1. Offer Online Customers Free Shipping

Who doesn’t like getting a deal from time to time? Offering online customers free shipping provides incentive for them to seal the deal. If you’re a small eCommerce business and don’t think you can afford to provide free shipping to potential buyers, remember you can always adjust your product pricing to offset the free shipping.

2. Optimize Your E-Commerce Site Checkout Process

If your site checkout process is too long or confusing, it’s just going to frustrate potential buyers and they will likely not complete their purchases and, worse yet, exit your site entirely and move on to your competitors to complete their purchases. Test out your checkout process after making some adjustments and see if that helps to improve eCommerce conversions.

3. Showcase Your E-Commerce Store As Being Safe For Online Shoppers

Experienced online shoppers know not to complete online transaction unless it’s a website that has security features in place. If your website doesn’t give the impression that it is a legitimate and trustworthy website, you will want to fix this as soon as possible. Install SSL throughout your site and display some security badges, such as McAfee, etc.

4. Allow Users To Shop Your E-Commerce Store As A Guest

There may be online users who wish to make a quick purchase or do not wish to have all of their personal information stored after the purchasing process, so enabling users the ability to shop your eCommerce store as a guest, without the need to register for an account prior to purchasing goods, is a good way to improve eCommerce conversions

eCommerce conversion rates are a critical part of digital marketing, as they are a driving force behind the profits and overall success of online businesses. Tracking user behavior on your site can help you understand where customers are dropping off, so you can make additional improvements to keep them on your site and following through on purchases.

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