Cannabis Websites: Make Your Shop Stand Out as Online Weed Dispensary Traffic Reaches New Highs

Posted on July 8, 2020 by admin

While many businesses are cautiously beginning to adjust to new consumer trends, one business segment that has seen a nearly 10-fold increase in online sales, compared to previous years’ sales data,is online weed dispensaries. According to data compiled by Statistics Canada, $23.5 million dollars was spent purchasing marijuana products in March from an online weed dispensary, versus just $2.84 million recorded in March of last year. And while much of that increase may be attributed to COVID-19 related social distancing requirements, licenses for online weed retailers are also up – and this means more competition. In order continue to drive consumers to your online weed dispensary, you need to make it stand out from the crowd.

A Professional Website

Yes, everyone including your aunt Jane could probably figure out how to throw together a basic website with one of the various website building platforms available. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There is much more that goes into building a professional website, which amateur designers overlook, including compatibility across multiple platforms, fast loading speeds, the importance of quality photos, well-written content, and SEO optimization. There is a reason that there are teams of people who create, run, and manage professional websites; don’t let the momentum you’ve gained go up in smoke because the competition has a more attractive webpage and ranks higher than you on web searches.

Curated Content

One of the best ways to organically attract customers to your webpage is through regularly posting interesting and informative content. This isn’t click bait – great content gives readers answers to questions they are actively searching for. As an online weed dispensary, you could post interesting lifestyle trends, business news, and education pieces. Regularly posting great curated content builds your reputation among users, and SEO helps to ensure that you continue to place high on online searches.

Strong Social Media Presence

Be where the people are, and the people are all on social media, the stronger your social media presence, the more traffic you will drive to your online weed dispensary. In addition to regularly posting content to your various social media platforms, find ways to actively engage with your consumers. Direct advertising isn’t allowed on many online platforms, however you can still answer questions, re-tweet, like, and mention cool posts from your followers, and use influencer tactics to help give your brand more exposure.

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