Driving Traffic but No Sales? Your Web Design May Be to Blame

Posted on February 24, 2020 by admin

Ecommerce Website Development

There is no doubt that an online retail presence is becoming more and more crucial for successful retailers. Latest estimates show that nearly 10% of purchases are made online; that may not seem like a huge number, but in Canada that amount adds up to over 39 billion dollars. You may believe that you have all the individual elements of a successful business – a product people want and need, at a price they are willing to pay – however if you are wondering why your website is driving traffic but no sales, it may be your web design, and not your product, that is to blame.

Why Web Design is So Important

The difference between e-commerce and in-person shopping is that it can be very difficult to envision the quality of an item or service without being able to see it live, to touch it, feel it, or ask questions about it. That’s where a user friendly, attractive website becomes vitally important to communicating effectively with potential buyers. With plenty of competitors online, if you are driving traffic but no sales, a well-designed website can be what sets you apart from the rest.

Elements of a Great Website

Now that we have determined why it’s important to have a well-designed website, what are the elements of a professional looking website? Firstly, your website should look professional. That means that everything from your logo, to the colour scheme and the fonts you use should be selected with care as part of a wider picture. Consider your target audience when choosing the web page design and create an experience that caters to them.

What you say on your page matters just as much as how it looks. Do you have a motivating call to action? Something that will pique a consumer’s attention and persuade them to check further into the products or services that you are offering? Online shoppers have a notoriously short attention span; if their interest isn’t piqued quickly, they will move on. Equally important in keeping your target user’s attention is ensuring that your copy – the text that describes your business and your products – is relevant and relatable to them. If your target consumers are young adults, for example, don’t use the same language you would use with your grandparents.

The ability for users to easily navigate your page will have a large impact on how long they stay on your page and can ultimately affect whether they make a purchase or not. Users like simplistic navigation that is not overly cluttered with information. Typically, the main header navigation should only contain shopping related material and a brief raison d’être – what makes your company unique – while other information such as contact info, company bio, and FAQs should be left to the footer navigation at the bottom of the page.

A professional design that speaks to your target audience and makes it easy to find the products and information they need to make a purchasing decision will help turn your traffic into more sales for your business.

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