Essential Features Your Magento E-Commerce Website Should Have to Satisfy Customers

Posted on April 10, 2018 by admin


Whether you are new to using Magento E-Commerce to power your website, or you simply want to know what you can do to your online shop that will satisfy customers further, there are essential features you should include in your Magento website design which today’s customers expect from online shops.

Here are some essential features you should include for your Magento E-Commerce Website which will provide satisfaction to customers:

• A Well-Designed Homepage

First impressions matter to potential customers so you want to make sure your home page is designed with users in mind (sensible layout, no clutter, etc.). Having a well-designed homepage can reduce bounce rates significantly and improve conversion rates.

• Highlight Promos And Special Deals

Customers tend to be drawn to companies that offer promotions or special deals on their products, so consider highlighting promos or special offers, either as a dedicated page or on your existing product pages.

• Include A Security Seal

Nowadays with so many cyber threats floating about the Internet, online users often will look for websites that publish a security seal before moving forwards with purchases. By including a security seal you instill trust among website visitors which results in higher conversions.

• Mobile Friendliness

Most people own a mobile device and use them often to search for products/services they want. If your current Magento E-Commerce Website isn’t mobilefriendly, you will want to make it responsive as soon as possible, as customers expect this feature nowadays.

• Free Shipping

Offering your customers free shipping is a great incentive and encourages consumers to become repeat buyers in the future. Many online shoppers look for free shipping and can be swayed to purchase from websites which offer this feature.

• One Page Check Out

Consumers nowadays are busy and are less likely to spend time going through a complicated, multipage checkout process on a website, so make sure that your website has a one-page checkout which is simple to use from beginning to end.

Magento E-Commerce is one of the biggest and most popular website platforms out there, due to its useful tools and built-in features. If you take the time to add some additional features to your Magento website design to satisfy customers, you should see improvements to your ROI not far down the road.

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