Web Design and Digital Marketing for the CBD & Cannabis Industry

Posted on May 28, 2020 by admin

Cannabis Website Design

Thanks to recent legislative changes, the market for cannabis products is booming, and having a well-designed website could be the difference between success and failure for many cannabis retailers. However, with intense competition emerging in this industry, a well-designed website is only the first step; smart retailers will also be quick to formulate an effective marketing strategy in order to best maximize their digital business. With that in mind, here are some essential components of great web design and digital marketing for the cannabis industry.

Eye Catching Web Design

A high quality website is essential in persuading potential consumers to use your business over the competition, particularly when it comes to consumable products that are not easy to visualize or try beforehand. The first step in creating a great website is to a have plan before you start designing and to keep your website consistent throughout. Theme, fonts, colour scheme, and even language should all be carefully considered to appeal to your target audience. Utilize a compelling call to action, but keep all copy short, simple, and to the point. And pay attention to the language. If your target audience is young professionals, don’t pull out vocabulary from your grandparents’ dictionary.For all users, simplicity is key, but in particular for mobile browsers, as the screen size and download speeds can make large, cluttered website look too busy and run slowly. And never under estimate the value of well-placed negative spaces – this can actually help draw attention to items you are wishing to showcase.

Organic Digital Marketing

The fight for first is fierce when it comes to ecommerce sites. However for all of the expensive ad campaigns and tactics used to draw in new customers for most ecommerce businesses, organic digital marketing offers the best results for the cannabis industry. Investing in a strong social media presence is one of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your website. What is important when curating your social media presence is to be intimately aware of what type of content works on what social media platforms, and how to best employ that content. What works on Instagram might not be right for Facebook, which may not work on Twitter. It can be a lot of content to manage, however the benefits will be worth the work.

Combined with regular posting on various social media platforms, your digital marketing strategy should make use of SEO. Search engine optimization will determine where your business ranks in relevant online searches, and as most people don’t scroll past the first page of web results, you want your business to rank high. Regularly posting keyword optimized content on your website and social media pages can help boost your ranking and drive traffic to your website. External posts are also important, on high authority platforms. The quality of your content is key, as it will have the best impact if it offers value to readers and it is shared to their own followers through their own social accounts, or other means. This will bring expose your content to a wider audience and potential customer base.

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