Why and How Google Chrome is Providing a Safer Internet Using HTTPS

Posted on February 28, 2018 by admin


With so many websites nowadays published to the Internet, a great amount of sensitive data is at risk of being compromised by hackers. If you are a website owner who tries to be mindful of bringing forth the best in user experience, you will want to look at ensuring your website is a secure website, using HTTPS.

The larger the Internet grows, the greater the amount of cyber crime that occurs, and Google Chrome recognizes this threat to Internet users.In recognizing such threats, Google Chrome is now marking websites, which do not use HTTPS as non-secure, which essentially calls site visitors’ attention to the factthat the site they are visiting is not secured, and that sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards etc. should not be entered, due to the risk of such information being compromised/stolen by hackers.

According to Google more than 50% of websites are in fact HTTPS connections (many of them ranking in the top 100 websites worldwide). There are still however a large percentage of websites which are not built using HTTPS and this could pose significant consequences to both site users and website owners alike. Should site users enter sensitive information on a site that is not using encryption, their information is at risk for ending up in the hands of potential hackers. A breach of sensitive information on a business website could ultimately result in the death of the business itself, as consumer trust would be broken.

If your website isn’t yet secured with HTTPS, it is in your best interest (and your customers’) to do so. In order to secure your site, you can obtain an SSL certificate from a certificate authority which will enable encrypted communication between your site and users. In addition, having an SSL certificate provides peace of mind for Internet users who visit your site, as it illustrates that your site is trusted, legitimate, and secure.

It makes smart online business sense to transition your website to using HTTPS, as it protects your online customers and your business reputation.

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